10 different types of laughter (2023)

10 different types of laughter (1)

Parents of newborns quickly learn that there are many pathsbabies cry. One type means the baby is hungry, another cry means the baby has a dirty diaper. Then there's the crying that indicates the baby just wants attention.

Parents don't think too much about what their children's laughter means (unless it's obvious they're fighting with their siblings). In fact, very few people consider the differences in laughter.


According to the late Robert Provine, laughter expert and professor emeritus of the neurobiology of psychology at the University of Maryland,Risait's specifically a social structure, something that connects people in profound ways [source:Comes from].

According to their findings, people are 30 percent more likely to laugh in a social setting that warrants it than when they're alone with humorous media [source:Comes from]. That means you're more likely to laugh with your friends when you're watching a sitcom together than when you're watching the same series or movie alone.

Although there are many ways to laugh, from giggle to laughter and giggle to laughter, it turns out that we humans laugh for many reasons, some of which are bizarre. And it's more than the latest episode of Saturday Night Live that keeps us on our toes; 90 percent of the reasons we laugh have nothing to do with someone telling a joke [source:Triumph].

So what are some of the different types and reasons for all the laughter?


  1. label laugh
  2. Catching laugh
  3. nervous laughter
  4. belly laugh
  5. silent laughter
  6. Laughter to relieve stress
  7. laugh pigeon
  8. wheezing with laughter
  9. Laughter in a can
  10. Cruel laughter

10: label laughter

10 different types of laughter (2)

At the end of a long day, you find yourself in the elevator with your boss. However, instead of talking about your latest accomplishments, laugh at everything he says.

Even if you think you sounded like an idiot, you probably did it right. People depend on laughter to get along with others. So whether we're with our boss or with friends, we tend to laugh at things that just aren't funny.


In a study of laughter fits, Provine found that people tend to laugh at perfectly trivial statements like "Can I join?" or "See you later" [Source:Comes from]. Laughter may have evolved before full speech in our ancestors, so sound is simply a way of communicating and showing approval.

And when you're trying to climb the corporate ladder, you're not the only one laughing at the boss. We tend to laugh with anyone who can help us, which is why a group of college students can laugh out loud at a professor's bad joke, while an applicant's attempts at humor can backfire on those already in employment. .

9: Contagious laughter

10 different types of laughter (3)

Imagine you are going out to eat with a group of friends. Someone tells a joke and makes one person laugh, which makes another person laugh, and so on. Is laughter like a cold? It's very likely.

In one experiment, Provine found that nearly half of his 128 undergraduate students laughed at the first response to a mock laugh [source:Comes from]. And they did it even though they knew the source was an artificial laughter simulator.


Laut Comes,catching laughraises the possibility of people having laugh detectors. In other words, people are tricked into responding with a laugh when they hear the laugh itself, like the mystery of the yawn.

a strange laugh

Contagious laughter is not necessarily laughable. Consider theTanganjika-Lacheepidemie von 1962, in which the laughter of a few students in a village in modern-day Tanzania spread to a much larger community. It turned out it wasn't a funny joke: experts diagnosed a case of mass hysteria.

8: Nervous laughter

10 different types of laughter (4)

There are times when we need to exude dignity and control, e.g. B. when introducing the CEO or during a funeral. Unfortunately, these are the times when uncontrollable nervous giggling is likely to occur.

During times of anxiety, we often laugh in an unconscious attempt to relieve stress and calm ourselves. It's sort of a sophisticated defense mechanism, although it usually just makes things more uncomfortable.


nervous laughterIt is often seen as a fake laugh and is often an option in high stress and anxiety situations. Laughter, even when nervous, can help relieve some of that stress. But you don't want to make it a habit. Laughing inappropriately can lead to disapproval from others and stress you out even more than before.

7: Belly laughter

10 different types of laughter (5)

Belly laughing is considered the most honest kind of laughter. It can also be the most difficult species to experience. Because? Because we need to find something really funny before we get carried away with the kind of laugh that makes us clutch our bellies and gasp for air.

Of course, that's not the only description of real laughter; As you can imagine, we all laugh differently. In a study conducted by Vanderbilt University, researchers found that men are more likely to grunt or snort at something they find funny, while women giggle and giggle [source:vanderbilt].


However, it's good to pay attention to what tickles your prankster because it could save your life. In the 1979 book "anatomy of a disease, "Norman Cousins​​writes how he used laughter to fight a terminal illness.

"Ten minutes of genuine laughter had a numbing effect and would give me at least two hours of pain free sleep," wrote Cousins​​[source:Colburn]. Cousins ​​turned to the Marx Brothers and "Candid Camera" and made a full recovery. Cousins ​​died in 1990, almost 11 years after he wrote the book.

6: Silent laughter

10 different types of laughter (6)

Those of us who work inopen office interiorYou may think that silent laughter is a skill that we have perfected. However, mindful practice of silent laughter can have real benefits because it involves the same kind of deep breathing that comes with belly laughs.

Cheryl Ann Oberg works as a therapeutic clown, teaching sick children the art of silent laughter. She told Canadian Living that chuckling has allowed children to fall asleep again when they wake up from bad dreams [source:van Dyke]. Children reap the calming benefits of rhythmic exhalations without waking up their roommates.


Silent laughter is also practicedLaughter Yogaand laughter therapy, where it is often referred to as joker laughter. To try it out for yourself, freeze your face into a smile like Batman's Joker, then let your gut do the work of pumping air in and out as if you're laughing out loud.

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5: Laughter to relieve stress

10 different types of laughter (7)

Let's face it, life can be tough sometimes. Whether you're pressed for time and the boss is breathing down your neck, or you're in rush hour traffic and your car's air conditioning isn't working, the end of a workday doesn't mean everything is perfect. Are the muscles still tense? It is a sign that you are still carrying the stress of the day.

Stress is one of the main reasons for finding something humorous. Laughter is a surefire antidote to stress [source:van Dyke].


Stress creates tension in the human body, and that tension has to go somewhere. Usually it's the muscles.

So what to do? Yes, you could get a massage, but have you ever thought about laughing? Stress-relieving laughter can take many forms, but it usually comes in a burst, similar to a belly laugh.

4: pigeon laughter

10 different types of laughter (8)

Let's say you're out walking with a friend when something falls from the sky: pigeon droppings. You're spattered, but your friend is intact. This event is far from funny for you, but your friend can't stop laughing. Is that pigeon laughter?

Not quite, unless your friend laughs in a very specific way. Often practiced in laughter therapy or laughter yoga, pigeon laughter involves laughing without opening your mouth. By keeping the lips closed, laughter creates a buzz, similar to the sounds of a pigeon.


It has also been compared to the humming of bees. So if you're still mad at those damn pigeons throwing poop at you, feel free to call it bee laughter.

3: Snort of laughter

10 different types of laughter (9)

Unless you're actively trying to practice the art of silent laughter, there's bound to be a noise when something hits your joke bone. Most laughs end up being a series of vocal ha-has or yo-hos.

But what if you're among the roughly 25 percent women or 33 percent men who giggle? Then you'd be a snort [source:vanderbilt].


We all knew the boy from elementary school who squirted milk out of his nose when the class clown played pranks in the cafeteria. You can guess the way he laughs.

If this is you, you're blowing air out or sucking it in through your nose when you laugh. There's nothing wrong with that, but you might want to sip for those times when your friends are trying to surprise you with a new prank.

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2: Laughter in a can

10 different types of laughter (10)

No, that next kind of laugh isn't found on a grocery store island. Preserved laughter is another term for what is commonly known as a "laugh trail."Laughter in a canIt's a real laugh, it's just a laugh that's recorded and added to the soundtrack of a TV show.

But canned laughter works. A 2019 study in the journal.current biologyfound that even the worst jokes (and we mean bad ones) made people laugh more when they contained canned laughter. But with the advent of the internet, viewers have gotten a lot wiser and are realizing that those laughs are there to manipulate our emotions. And for those reasons alone, most sitcoms today don't use a laugh track.


Origin of the salmon track

laughter out of a canadded first1950 television program on NBC's The Hank McCune Show. It was the engineer's idea.Charles Douglas, who received an Emmy 40 years later for his contribution.

1: Cruel laughter

10 different types of laughter (11)

Your mother probably told you, "It's not good to laugh at someone else's expense." Unfortunately, whether you're the one laughing or being the one laughed at, you've probably broken her rule at some point in your life.

We may see cruel laughter as callous and callous, but it's been a part of society for a long time [source:Moreall]. In the Middle Ages there was a widespread practice of insulting poetry known as flying. The most famous example is "Dunbar and Kennedy's flight', this is the first known case of aPoop-related insultjthe F word. There was certainly laughter, too.

Complete the place of this laughter in the ancient texts. Laughter appears several times in the "Ilias"And even in theThe Bible.

Originally posted: June 4th, 2009

Frequently asked questions about the types of laughter

What's that nervous laugh called?

In the middle of a serious situation, where the atmosphere is tense and everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats, you suddenly feel like laughing. This phenomenon is known as incongruent emotion, which includes an outburst of nervous laughter.

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What types of laughter are there?

Some types of chuckles are laughter, laughter, chortle, chortle, yell, and giggle.

How would you describe a laugh?

Laughter can be anything that makes you throw your head back and express your joy in any way you see fit. It can be contagious, uninhibited, manic, guttural, sarcastic, triumphant, ironic, or sharp, depending on the situation.

What's the best way to laugh?

The most sincere kind of laughter is the laughter where a person tends to express their joy from the bottom of their heart.

How do you express laughter in a text?

To describe laughter in text, people can use words like "haha" or "hehe." Words like lol, lmao, and rofl can also be used to express laughter.

much more information

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What are the different kinds of laugh? ›

Full list of words from this list:
  • belly laugh. a burst of deep loud hearty laughter.
  • bray. laugh loudly and harshly.
  • break up. laugh unrestrainedly.
  • cachinnation. loud convulsive laughter.
  • cackle. a loud laugh suggestive of a hen's sound after laying an egg.
  • chortle. a soft partly suppressed laugh.
  • chuckle. ...
  • giggle.

What are the names of laughing sounds? ›

Chuckle is one of many words for different kinds of laughter. These include giggle, titter, snicker, and a word that is a cross between chuckle and snort — chortle.

What is divine laughter? ›

Divine Laughter brings the task of preaching into conversation with both the comedic parts of the Bible and the theological parts of the comedic, in order to bring a new kind of life to preaching.

Does everyone have a unique laugh? ›

"We all have a range of different laughs that we use for different purposes and circumstances," says body language and behavior expert Judi James, author of The Body Language Bible. "Most are within the 'social masking' spectrum — that is, we do them to be polite or to create social bonds."

What is a liquid laugh? ›

liquid laugh (plural liquid laughs) (Australia, colloquial, slang, humorous) An act of vomiting; vomit.

What is a silvery laugh? ›

​(literary) (especially of a voice) having a pleasant musical sound. She gave a silvery laugh.

What is a small laugh called? ›

Giggle. A giggle is “a silly spasmodic laugh, especially with short, repeated gasps and titters, as from juvenile or ill-concealed amusement or nervous embarrassment.” The word is thought to be imitative in origin, echoing the sound of such laughter.

What is a word for soft laugh? ›

synonyms: chortle, chuckle. type of: express joy, express mirth, laugh. produce laughter.

What is quiet laughter? ›

In my view, "quiet laughter" has much in common with the idea as "laughing to oneself." The crucial idea here is that you find something amusing, and you experience the full humor of it, but without making a display of your mirth or distracting others or (in some instances) hurting their feelings or enraging them.

What happens when God laughs? ›

God laughs at those who set themselves against his anointed (Psalm 59:8). And when he laughs, he does so for our sake, to communicate to us. He laughs to give off signals — signals that are horrible to his enemies and wonderful to his friends. The most memorable instance is Psalm 2.

What is holy laughter in the Bible? ›

Holy laughter is a term used within charismatic Christianity that describes a religious behaviour in which individuals spontaneously laugh during church meetings.

Who was laughing in the Bible? ›

Sarah laughed in unbelief, Abraham laughed in wonder, and now they both laugh in joy! Sarah's faith was not perfect, but in Hebrews 11 it tells us that “Sara herself received strength” from her faith.

What symbols mean laugh? ›

Face with Tears of Joy (😂) is an emoji that represents a crying with laughter facial expression. While it is broadly referred to as an emoji, since it is used to demonstrate emotion, it is also referred to as an emoticon.

What is the longest lasting laugh? ›

The World Record 'longest laughter' was achieved by Belachew Girma from Ethiopia. During an event in 2010; Mr. Girma laughed for Three hours Six minutes (03H:06M) incessantly. Laughter master; Mr.

Is there a dark side to laughter? ›

Psychology of Laughing – The Dark Side

The authors of the papers, two pharmacologists with a common interest in humor, evaluated around 5,000 studies. They observed that serious laughter trigger asthma assaults, fainting, the bulge of stomach hernias, migraines, incontinence, jaw separation, and arrhythmia.

What is a burst of laughter called? ›

Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) is a condition that's characterized by episodes of sudden uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing or crying. Pseudobulbar affect typically occurs in people with certain neurological conditions or injuries, which might affect the way the brain controls emotion.

What does the expression laugh mean? ›

to express mirth, pleasure, derision, or nervousness with an audible, vocal expulsion of air from the lungs that can range from a loud burst of sound to a series of quiet chuckles and is usually accompanied by characteristic facial and bodily movements.

What is a brittle laugh? ›

​literarya brittle laugh or smile does not show real humour or happiness. Synonyms and related words.

What does crackled laugh mean? ›

: to laugh especially in a harsh or sharp manner. Shakespeare's crones cackled of evil deeds Scott McMurray. 3. : chatter.

What is a hardy laugh? ›

Hearty means to “express warmly.” For example: Santa Claus gave a hearty laugh. A quick tip for remembering the difference: A pirate who survives a sea storm is hardy, but when he later boasts about it, his laugh is hearty.

What is a monkey laugh? ›

Chimpanzee laughter is not readily recognizable to humans as such, because it is generated by alternating inhalations and exhalations that sound more like breathing and panting. It sounds similar to screeching.

What is a breath laugh called? ›

A breathy laugh is called a muttley. Seen here is the inventor of the laugh. Not to be confused with the more “teethy” earnie laugh.

What is a quiet chuckle called? ›

titter. verb. to laugh quietly, especially because you are nervous or embarrassed.

What laugh is 555? ›

The number 5 is pronounced as “ha” in Thai. Therefore, 555 means “hahaha.” 555 is equivalent to the English expression of LOL.

What's a scoff laugh? ›

scoff verb (LAUGH)

to laugh and talk about a person or idea in a way that shows that you think they are stupid or silly: The critics scoffed at his paintings.

What is the 6 laugh rule? ›

In order for a comedy film to actually qualify as a comedy, it should pass the six laugh test by inducing at least six laughs from the viewer within its duration.

What words describe laugh? ›

Synonyms of laugh
  • giggle.
  • chuckle.
  • scream.
  • smile.
  • grin.
  • snicker.
  • roar.
  • chortle.

What is the longest laugh ever? ›

Yes, you read that right! Rajendra Kumar owns the World Record for 'Longest Laughter' in ' The Golden Book of World Records,' 'Harvard World Records (London)' and 'International World Records Book,' for laughing non-stop for 3 hours 47 minutes.

How do Japanese laugh in text? ›

Wwww is the Japanese equivalent of the English hahahaha, used to express laughter online and in text message. The more w's, the more enthusiastic the laughter. Like haha, wwww can be shortened to w(ww) and can have an ironic tone.

What does 555555 mean in text? ›

As you can see, the habit of using “555” when texting comes from how the number “5” is pronounced. It's the Thai equivalent of “LOL”; when you see “555” /hâa hâa hâa/ (ห้า ห้า ห้า) in Thailand it means “funny” and “laughing out loud”.

What is a scornful laugh? ›

To snigger is to laugh scornfully, especially when you're trying to hide the fact that you're laughing. Kids might snigger when the biggest show-off in class falls over backward in his seat. You can generally use the verbs snigger and snicker interchangeably.

What is contemptuous laughter? ›

showing that you do not respect someone or something at all. He gave a contemptuous laugh.

What does coarse laugh mean? ›

rude or offensive in manner or speech: Now and then coarse laughter broke out.

Can you laugh without smiling? ›

Thanks to Reddit, we now know that laughing without smiling is definitely possible. We also know a demon walks among us. Watch the terrifying proof in the video above. Via Uproxx.

What is it called when you Cannot stop laughing? ›

Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) is a condition that's characterized by episodes of sudden uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing or crying.

What is the 5 form of laugh? ›

The verb “laugh” has five different forms: base form, past simple, past participle form, present perfect, and present perfect participle.
V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Form of Laugh.
Base Form (V1)laugh
Past Form (V2)laughed
Past Participle Form (V3)laughed
s / es/ es (V4)laughs
'ing' form (V5)laughing


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