20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (2023)

Sweets have a special meaning when you are a child and still fascinate people when they are adults. Regardless of their age, everyone seems to have a happy feeling about this adorable item. Although sweet songs can have many different meanings, they all have an element of sweetness. Here are 20 songs about sweets that can add flavor to your playlist.

1. "Doces" de Mandy Moore

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (1)Mandy Moore - Candy (vídeo)

Mandy Moore is an American pop artist. She started in 1993 when she was just 9 years old! Her music career spans nearly 30 years! Her song "Candy" is about love and love addiction. This draws parallels to how addictive sweets can be for some people.

2. "I Want Candy" de The Strangeloves

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (2)The Strangeloves – I Want Candy [Comic] Original

The Strangeloves are an American group, and although the band only existed for four years (1964-1968), they have some very popular songs under their belt. "I Want Candy" is one of them. The song describes a girl (who could also be called Candy) the same way you would describe Candy. Sweet, desire, delicious are some of the words used to describe this girl in the song and it works really well to convey the feelings.

3. "Candy Store Rock" de Led Zeppelin

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (3)Candy Shop Rock (Remaster)

Led Zeppelin is one of those bands that really needs no introduction. They are a band from England formed in 1968. Although the band only lasted 12 years, they are considered one of the most influential bands of all time. They have many, many popular songs and "Candy Store Rock" is one of them. As the singer shares how he wants a girl, he constantly draws parallels between the girl in question and the candy.

4. "Candy and a Currant Bun" do Pink Floyd

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (4)Pink Floyd – “Candy and a Currant Bun”
(Video) Sweets and Dance music song Music video mom.

Pink Floyd is another band that needs no introduction. They started their career in 1964 and dominated the music scene for decades and many generations. "Candy and a Currant Bun" is a song about a girl who watches her doing everyday things, such as running out to buy candy and a currant bun. The way they rhyme the lyrics is really good and an interesting choice in their song list.

5. "Candy-O" de The Cars

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (5)Candy-O (2016 remaster)

The Cars is an American pop rock band. They started in the 1970's and have many years of musical experience. Candy-O is one of his many songs that showcase his musical background. This song can have many different meanings and is quite open. Like many other songs, many listeners believe that this is a woman and needs her at night.

6. "The Candy Man" de Sammy Davis, Jr.

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (6)Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)

Sammy Davis Jr. was a musician who started his career in 1928! He did this for over 60 years until he died in 1990 at the age of 64. If you are still not convinced of his abilities as a musician, listen to the song "The Candy Man". The song was actually a cover of the 1971 movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and as most people have guessed, the song is literally about a man handing out candy, hence "The Candy Man".

7. "Lollipop" de Chordettes

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (7)Chordettes - Lollipops

The Chordettes are a vocal quartet. They began their career in 1946, which lasted until 1963. Known for their pop music, the song "Lollipop" is one of the band's most popular songs. As convinced as you may be that the singers are talking about lollipops, the lyrics tell a different story - they compare kissing to how we eat lollipops. Quite creative for the time, isn't it?

8. "Candy Bling" de Mariah Carey

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (8)Mariah Carey – Candy Bling
(Video) My Mommy Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Mariah Carey is another popular pop artist. She started her career in 1988 and spent the next three decades making music! Candy Bling tells the story of someone they miss, possibly a significant other, and who they wish they had back. She constantly compares the person she is talking about to candy, saying "sweet like candy".

9. "I Want Candy" de Bow Wow Wow

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (9)Bow Wow Wow - I want candy

Bow Wow Wow is an English new wave and pop band. The group formed in 1980 and thrived for over 40 years. The song "I Want Candy" is one of their most popular songs. It's basically about wanting someone as a lover, and how the undercurrent in most of the songs on this list compares the feeling to craving sweets.

10. "Lollipop Train" de The Grass Roots

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (10)THE GRASS ROOTS “TRAIN LOLLIPOP (YOU NEVER EAT SO GOOD)”

The Grass Roots is an American band formed in 1965 and still active today!. They are known for folk and pop music in their songs. "Lollipop Train" is one of their most popular songs. The song is about riding a lollipop train or telling a girl that she rides a lollipop train. They're basically saying, "You're lucky, so don't worry."

11. „Candyman“ de Christina Aguilera

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (11)Christina Aguilera - Candyman (Regular Version)

Christina Aguilera is an American pop artist. She began her career in 1992 and continues to this day, with nearly 30 years in the music business. Again, this is a song that expresses love and desire for a man whom she affectionately calls "Candyman".

12. "Candy Says" de The Velvet Underground

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (12)The Velvet Underground – Sagt Candy
(Video) You are my honey bunch , cuppy cake song,sugar plum song with lyrics

The Velvet Underground may be a lesser known band, but they are best known for their experimental rock music. They formed the band in 1964 and played until 1996, but took many breaks in between. "Candy Says" is one of the songs they released during those years. This song has a deeper meaning as it can mean many things. The song is more or less a reminder to like yourself and like what you see in the mirror.

13. "Candy Girl" from the new edition

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (13)Candy Girl Official Video New Edition 1983

New Edition is a pop and R&B group. They started in 1978 and are still active today (albeit with a few breaks in between). "Candy Girl" continues to be a popular term for the girl in your life.

14. "Cherry Popsicle" de Jann Arden

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (14)cherry popsicles

Jann Arden is a Canadian-born pop artist and one of their own with a career spanning 30 years. . Her song "Cherry Popsicle" is about a boyfriend she had. The singer expresses the desire to have him back in her life, affectionately calling him popsicle — the title of the song.

15. “Hard Candy Christmas” de Dolly Parton

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (15)Dolly Parton - Hard Candy Christmas (official audio)

Dolly Parton is an influential American country and bluegrass singer. She has been active in her music career since 1956 or since she was 10 years old. That brings you over 50 years of experience in music! One of the songs she's released over the years, "Hard Candy Christmas", is about hard times during the holidays. She lists many of the problems people face during these times and calls it "Candy Christmas".

16. “Bubble Gum World” da 1910 Fruitgum Company

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (16)1910 Fruitgum Company-Bubblegum World
(Video) Shakira - Whenever, Wherever (Official HD Video)

The 1910 Fruitgum Company is a pop band from America and they started in 1965 and are still performing to this day! "Bubble Gum World" differs from most of the songs listed above in that it discusses some sentiments. This song is about a girl who likes to "play" with other people, possibly other men. They say "You think you're in a bubblegum world" but they also say "You're too old to believe it's true" meaning she's old enough to know better but does what she does anyway.

17. "Candy Man" de The Hollies

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (17)Die Hollies - Sweet Man

The Hollies are a British pop band formed in 1962 and still perform to this day! The song "Candy Man" was popular at the time and was about a special lady who was described as "sweet", among other things. It is widely believed that the band members referred to themselves as "Candy Man".

18. "Sugar Cake" by Sam Cooke

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (18)Sam Cooke. “Zuckerknödel”

Sam Cooke was an American soul and R&B musician with a career spanning just 13 years when he died (1951-1964). Though short-lived, he produced popular songs during this period, including "Sugar Dumpling". This song is about his partner and how he calls her "sugar cookies".

19. "Rock Candy" de Montrose

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (19)Montrose - Rock Candy

Montrose is an American hard rock band. They've been in the music business from 1973 to the present - with occasional hiatuses, and they play occasional gigs now). The song "Rock Candy" is about a girl and they compare it to "Rock Candy". The lyrics are used to imply that she is tough on the outside but sweet on the inside.

20. "Hard Candy" de Counting Crows

20 songs about sweets - Musical Mum (20)hard twelve
(Video) five little mommies jumping on the bed | boom buddies | Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs | Kids Tv

Counting Crows is an American rock band best known for alternative rock and pop rock. His song "Hard Candy" is an ode to old times. This song is about how nostalgia is just an illusion and things are boring - like candy.


So there you have it, the list of 20 amazing and undeniably cute songs from the last few decades. As mentioned earlier, songs about sweets can have many different meanings. Some are about love, some are about a loved one, while others are an excuse to remember the good old days. Press play and enjoy this cuteness overload!

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