android 11 | android (2023)

The operating system that gets to work.

Get straight to the things that matter most. Because Android 11 is optimized for the way you use your phone. Gives you powerful device control. And easier ways to manage conversations, privacy settings, and more.

Android 11 Highlights

  • conversations
  • content capture
  • prediction tools
  • Accessibility
  • Device control
  • Data protection 
  • Phones ready for Android 11

Android 11 Highlights

Manage your conversations.

View, reply to, and control your conversations across multiple messaging apps. All in the same place. Then select the people you always chat with. These priority conversations will appear on the lock screen. So you don't miss anything important.


Android 11 lets you pin conversations so they're always on top of other apps and screens. Bubbles keep the conversation going, while you focus on what else you're doing. Access the chat anytime, anywhere. So keep it up.

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Capture and share content.

Built-in screen recording. Finally.

Screen recording allows you to capture what happens on your phone. And it's built into Android 11, so you don't need an extra app. Record with audio from your microphone, your device, or both.

Select and share is now easier.

Select text from your apps. Take photos too. On Pixel devices1you can easily copy, save and share information between many applications. Like your browser, your delivery or news app.

Useful tools that predict what you want.

  • smart reply
  • Application Suggestions
  • smart folders

android 11 | android (1)

A conversation in which a user responds to a message that says "Hello, I'm going out" with the words "Sounds good!" selected from a suggested response toolbar.

smart reply

Get suggested replies in conversations.Hello everyone, sounds good or 👋 if you need it. On Pixel devices1, Answers are intelligently suggested based on what was said in the conversation. So you always have the words you need and the perfect emoji at your fingertips.2

Application Suggestions

Easily access the apps you need most.pixel devices1Make app suggestions that change based on your routine. So you can see what you need throughout the day at the bottom of your home screen. So you can easily access your morning training app after waking up. Or to access the TV app you use when it's time to relax.

smart folders

Smarter ways to organize your apps.Get smart suggestions for folder names on your Pixel device1. For an organized home screen. The names are based on topics like work, photography, fitness, and more.

Control your phone with your voice.

With Android 11, Voice Access is faster and easier to use. Intuitive in-app labels help you control and navigate your phone by speaking out loud. Even use Voice Access offline for more support when you need it.

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Device control

Set the temperature to cool, then dim the lights. All from one place on your phone.3Just press and hold the power button to view and manage your connected devices. Making life at home so much easier.

media control

Switch from your headphones to your speaker without missing a beat. Touch to listen to your music or watch videos on your TV. Android 11 lets you quickly switch the device your media plays on.

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Display of an Android device in a car. When the Android device is turned on, an Android app called SpotHero will automatically appear on the car's dashboard.

Connect Android to your car. Skip the cord.

Get going without having to plug in an outlet. Android Auto now works wirelessly with devices running Android 11, so you can get the most out of your phone on every drive.4

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You control which apps can be accessed.

Take control of your data with Android. Whether or not to grant downloaded apps permission to access sensitive data is up to you. This way you will be better protected.

one-time permissions

Give unique permissions to apps that need your microphone, camera, or location. The next time the app needs access, it will have to ask for permission again.

Automatically reset permissions

If you haven't used an app for a while, you may not want it to continue accessing your data. So Android resets the permissions for your unused apps. You can reactivate permissions at any time.

Security updates directly from Google Play.

With Android 11, you'll get even more security and privacy fixes on your phone from Google Play. All your other apps will be updated in the same way. So you have peace of mind. And your device remains armed with the latest defenses.

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Phones ready for Android 11.

Experience what Android 11 has to offer on devices designed for the latest and greatest.

And there is much more.

From security improvements to easier ways to get work done, Android 11 has something for everyone.

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