How to Respond to "What's Up?" (more than 15 intelligent ways) (2023)

"It works?" is a popular slang phrase that people use in text messages and on social media as an informal greeting. It can be used to break the ice or to ask about someone else's day.

Here are smart answers to that question:

Susan Trombetti

How to Respond to "What's Up?" (more than 15 intelligent ways) (1)

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"Have a nice day! What's up with you?"

when someone writes"That works,"they don't want to literally ask you what you're dying to do right now. The stakes are higher if they are just texting."Ey,"but that would sound a bit like incomplete thought or effort, and"that works"somehow it works a little better.

It's like when a salesperson asks:"How are you doing?"

You wouldn't give them a complete description of your day and life, so don't respond with something boring and literal. All you need is a short answer that responds quickly so you can show your interest and keep the flow going or flirt a little.

Some good answers could be:

  • "Have a nice day! What's up with you?"This statement works, and you can also make it a little flirtier by adding, "It would be better if I were with you right now."
  • "Hey, I'm just working and wanting to hang out sometime."This also works because it's short and sweet and takes it to another level.
  • You could also say something positive that people always respond to, like"That's great to hear from you! You just made my day."
  • "Hola"it's always a short, vague response that can be followed by almost anything else, flirty or not. that could be followed"Just walk my dog"o"I was hoping to hear from you."

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"I'm hanging in there, it's been a busy week"

What's up is the usual way to inquire about the well-being of other people and what is happening in their lives. So instead of saying"I am doing it right,"o"nothing new,"You can use the following responses:

  • "Oh, I can't complain"– This is the reaction to a neutral situation in which you have nothing new or exciting, but you still have nothing to complain about in your life.
  • "I'm screwed, today I found out"- If you meet a good friend and you look scared, you can use this phrase as a response to what is happening. It can also explain what is not working in your life.
  • "I need to know and you need to find out"– This reaction to what is happening is ideal for a situation where you are trying to be funny or sarcastic without intending to continue talking.
  • *shrugs* "You know"- This is a fairly simple answer to which does not mean much and can be used in a conversation with a friend.
  • "I'm hanging in there, it's been a busy week" - This answer works well with a colleague if you don't want to talk for a long time and at the same time you don't want to be rude to him. It's like hating your job but still having a busy week.

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Try to keep your answer short and sweet.

When we respond to "what's up," we can feel unsure of what to say. Although this is an incredibly common greeting, it can have different meanings depending on who it comes from. Usually someone will ask "What's up?" to quickly ask how you're doing.

Here are some ways you can respond, depending on who is approaching you:


When a friend asks you "what's wrong?", they're usually looking for a more detailed answer than"Anything"o"few."

They probably want to know how you're doing or what you've been up to lately, especially if it's been a while since you last chatted with them. Try to keep them up to date and ask them the same questions, showing genuine interest in what they have to say.


If an acquaintance or someone you don't know well asks you what's going on, they'll most likely ask out of courtesy. Try to keep your answer short and to the point without revealing too much personal information.

Sometimes people take advantage of others asking them "what's going on" to dig deeper into their life story. Just let them know how you are and ask them the same. If a conversation develops from there, don't, but otherwise try not to get too personal.


When you're talking to a coworker or boss, they're likely trying to make small talk or really want to see how you're doing, especially if you're in a committed relationship.

Tell them how you are or how you feel and be sure to ask them. Make sure your answer is still job appropriate and not too long. While it's important to make connections with your colleagues, you're still at work.

Tatiana Gavrilina

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"And how are you, please tell me?"

It seems to me that this phrase has become so cliché that the person asking the question does not expect an answer. But it is necessary to answer; Also, you need to respond unexpectedly to stand out and get noticed.

How do you respond to popular phrases like "What's up?"

Depending on the level of relationship, answer:

  • If it's a friendly conversation with a very close friend, you might respond like this:"Why you ask?"
  • If it's someone you don't know well but respect, it's best to respond like this:"And how are you, please tell me?"

This is a way of showing our interest in how the person is doing while avoiding being labeled a gossip.

Another factor to consider is your purpose in communication:

  • If you want to ruin the relationship, you could say something like:"You're not listening anyway, so why ask?"
  • If you want to go fast, an easy one."I am good how are you?" It will be enough.
  • If you want to surprise the interlocutor (seriously and long-term), then after the question"That works?"You can immediately provide some statistics (for example, there are 120,000 zebras in Africa).

In my opinion, if you answer in this way, you can surprise the interlocutor and make him really pay attention to you, and not just use the catchphrase.

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The answer depends on who asked the question.

"It works?" This question is asked so often that we don't usually take it seriously. But really, what is the appropriate response to that? The answer is that it depends on who asked the question.


You can say"bit" "everything's fine". Acquaintances often ask this question only by way of greeting.


If a manager has asked you this question, you can provide updates on your current projects or assignments.


You can be vulnerable to a friend. If you are asked this question, feel free to share updates on your life or anything you are currently struggling with.


You could share the smallest details with your partner if they ask you about it. They would appreciate your honesty and willingness to share things.

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"Small. And you?"

Generally speaking, when someone greets you with a question,"That works?"they don't necessarily expect a detailed answer from you. In fact, most people don't usually want a true, non-concise answer.

As such, any kind of polite response you can think of is usually sufficient, as they are often just trying to fulfill some form of mutual recognition. This means that any short, neutral answer is acceptable.

You can answer simply by saying:"Small. And you?"o"Looking forward to the weekend,"or something like that.

The main thing is to make sure everything is okay by returning the greeting politely. However, it's important to note that the correct answer can often also vary depending on whether you're talking to a stranger or a friend.

For example, when talking to a stranger, a simple word of thanks will suffice, but with a friend, you can often be more casual and even sarcastic in your responses.

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"I'm busy trying to hold on, and you?"

"It works?" is a common question. They are curious about what you are doing or if you have free time. The meaning of the question depends entirely on the context in which it was asked.

In other words, your response will be affected by the circumstances of the request.

As someone dedicated to instilling career aspirations and a way of life in students, I'd be willing to answer that question with something like:"I'm busy trying to hold on, and you?"

A great technique to express our position and ask him. We'll see that we often find ourselves in the same situation, which could lead to deeper discussions about overcoming life's obstacles, choices, and careers.

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Respond with a live update

The question "What is happening?" it can mean many things. But in my opinion, as a relationship professional, this can be more relatable if you ask about anything someone wants to tell you, which will eventually lead to a conversation about random topics.

Basically, people react to the lines."nothing new."But then the conversation will keep rolling. Please answer this question, say something about your current situation or an update on your life. It doesn't really matter what you're going to say, because this question is like a hello line to encourage the exchange of messages.

However, if you intend to say something that you want to talk to that person about, you can quote them directly. For example,"Well, I'm stressed with my projects these days."

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"Nothing special!"

"What's up" is intentionally vague and annoying! I really appreciate the concreteness in communication. When I receive such a message in my private life, I try to understand what information this person is trying to get from me.

Sometimes I reply with:

  • "Nothing special!"
  • "Just busy, busy! What's up with you?"

Sometimes you just need to nudge the person in the right direction and get them to ask what they really want to know.

"What's up" in a professional context is not acceptable! Your employees should always try to be concise and direct. a better question would be"Hey, do you have a minute? I need to direct something from you.

This way, you can decide if now is a good time or if you need to make an appointment for later.

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