List of all restaurants that accept EBT and how to find them (2023)

Restaurants that accept EBT:Still wondering if you can pay for meals at a fast food restaurant with your EBT?

If so, then you don't have to worry anymore because this article will give you everything you need to know, including a list of all restaurants that accept EBT.

However, before you are considered eligible to use the EBT card in restaurants, you must qualify for it.Restaurant Meal Program (RMP),and your state must offer RMP so you can buy food at designated restaurants.

List of all restaurants that accept EBT and how to find them (1)

So, if you keep asking yourself this question, today I have good news for you: YES, you can use it to pay for your meals.

Also, since the restaurant food program is left up to the states, we check each state to see if you can use food stamps at local restaurants!

So, in today's post, you'll learn what the Restaurant Meal Program is and how it works, who qualifies for RMP, the states that offer the program, and a list of restaurants approved in each state to accept Food Stamps. EBT.

But first, let's take a look at one of the unknown acronyms here (EBT)

What is EBT?

List of all restaurants that accept EBT and how to find them (2)

Electronic Benefit Transfer, or EBT, is an electronic system that allows the recipient to authorize the transfer of government benefits from a federal account to a retailer's account to pay for goods received.

Since 2004, EBT has been implemented in all states and is now used in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam.

Transfer services will be possible thanks to EBT using the so-calledEBT mapthat looks and works like a debit or credit card, but contains food stamps and/or cash benefits. Can be used in stores or fast food restaurants that accept EBT.

How the food stamp program works

Also known as the SNAP benefit, the Food Stamp Program Benefits is a federally funded program, operated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) but administered at the state level, that provides nutritional assistance to millions of eligible individuals and families from low income.

However, if you want to apply for food stamps, you must apply through the agency in your state that administers the program.

There are strict eligibility criteria and requirements that must be met to be approved for SNAP benefits, including income requirements.

However, if you are approved as a food stamp recipient, you will receive an EBT card, and as we said earlier, the EBT card works like a debit card that allows you to buy food from the approved list at any approved retailer. Locations.

What is the Restaurant Dining Program

List of all restaurants that accept EBT and how to find them (3)

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Since 1977, an important element of the food stamp program has been the Restaurant Meals Program. Allows qualified seniors, disabled and SNAP recipients to purchase food from authorized restaurants. Any state or municipality can join the Restaurant Meals Program.

The program's goal is to help increase access to food for people who don't have a place to store and cook food, don't know how to prepare it, or don't have access to groceries.

Who is eligible for the Restaurant Dining Program?

Remember we said the Restaurant Catering Program is for people who don't have a place to store and cook foodLUBwho may not be able to prepare food or who do not have access to a grocery store to access food.

Here is a list of people considered eligible for the program and what will qualify them for this offer;

1. homeless

For a homeless person to be eligible, the person/household must not have a permanent and regular place to stay overnight or live in a shelter, welfare center or non-sleeping place.

This includes people staying temporarily at someone else's home (90 days or less).

2. Elderly

To be eligible, the senior/household must consist only of members aged 60 or over, or a senior and their spouse.

3. Disabled

To be eligible, the person/family must consist only of members recognized as disabled by a government agency or a person with a disability and their spouse.

3. Elderly or disabled

To be eligible for the Restaurant Dining Program, an individual/family must consist only of members who are 60 years of age or older or who have been declared disabled by a government agency or an elderly or disabled person and their spouse.

Template Letter Applying for a Restaurant Dining Program in Your State

Here's how to write a letter to your elected official that you want to use your ration card to buy fast food in your state.

If you would like the Restaurant Dining Program to apply in your state, you may use the template below to write a letter to a representative of your choice.

Dear Sir (here the name of the elected official)

As a resident of (your state), I am writing to ask you to consider introducing the Restaurant Dining Program (RMP) in our state. The Restaurant Meals Program is a federal program that allows fast food restaurants to accept EBT cards from food stamp recipients. This would be of great help to residents (in your state) as it would give us more access to hot food that we can buy with our EBT cards.

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Currently, if we want to buy fast food with our EBT cards, we must live in one of the states participating in the RMP. Currently, only 6 states participate in the program. This means that many of us fail to take advantage of this important benefit.

For more information on the Food Stamp Scheme, click on the link below:

All the best,

(your name here)

(your phone number is here)

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List of products that can and cannot be purchased through SNAP at this time

List of all restaurants that accept EBT and how to find them (4)

Below is a list of products that are currently available for purchase through SNAP. So, if you are currently receiving food stamps, you can buy the food you intend to take home and prepare it at home for consumption.

This does not include hot food or restaurant food purchases. However, there are exceptions which we will explain below.

However, here's what you can and cannot buy with SNAP;

What you can buy:You can buy the following products with your EBT card

  • bread and cereals;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • meat, fish and poultry; AND
  • dairy.
  • Seeds and plants produce food for the family.

What can't be purchased with SNAP;You cannot use your EBT card to purchase the following items.

  • Beer, wine, alcohol, cigarettes or tobacco
  • Any non-food items such as:
  • pet food
  • soaps, paper products
  • household supplies
  • Vitamins and Medicines
  • Food that will be consumed in the store
  • Hot dishes

Fast food restaurants accepting EBT by state

List of all restaurants that accept EBT and how to find them (5)


  • Burger King
  • Carl's Jr.
  • church chicken
  • Z Taco
  • Denny'ego
  • Pizza z Pizzeri Domino`s
  • crazy chicken
  • great steaks
  • monkey in the box
  • Sok Jamby
  • KFC
  • Papy Murphy'ego
  • Popeye'a
  • Huta pizza
  • questionnaires
  • Burger Rally
  • Subway
  • taco Bell
  • Wendy
  • Schnitzel vienense

Participating municipalities:Alameda County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, Sacramento County, San Diego County, São Francisco County, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County

check outto combinefor a list of participating countries

island of rhodes

  • Subway

check outto combinefor a list of participating countries


  • 24. Ulica Pizza and Gyros
  • Airship
  • a hamburger shop
  • Pizza CiCi
  • queen of milk
  • Denny'ego
  • Pizza z Pizzeri Domino`s
  • To look
  • crazy chicken
  • sub gordo
  • Firestone Subscriptions
  • The Golden Farm
  • Bringing the company Harris i Smith
  • Helpings Café and Market
  • monkey in the box
  • Pizzaria Jimmy'ego i Joe'go
  • KFC
  • Moon Light family restaurant
  • Pizza Papa Johnsa
  • Papy Murphy'ego
  • Burger Rally
  • Smoked Dem Bones Barbecue
  • Firma Speedy Street Tacos Corp
  • Subway
  • taco Bell
  • tasty box
  • That's Sam
  • WaBa grill

check outto combinefor a list of participating countries

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Restaurants that DO NOT accept EBT food stamps

You're suprised? Oh, you shouldn't. Because there must be a Judas in every student, because in this case there are fast-food restaurants that do not accept EBT, but also participate in the Restaurant Food Program. These restaurants include;

  1. A&W Restaurants
  2. Arby'ego
  3. Chick-fil-A
  4. Chipotle
  5. Cynabon
  6. queen of milk
  7. Dunkin Donuts
  8. Einstein brothers bagels
  9. five guests
  10. Hardee'ego
  11. In-N-Out Burger
  12. Krispy Kreme
  13. Long John Talk
  14. McDonald’s
  15. Panda Express
  16. panera bread
  17. Qdoba Mexican Grill
  18. shake the cabana
  19. Starbucks
  20. TCBY
  21. Tim Hortons
  22. what a hamburger
  23. wing stop
  24. Rua Skrzydlowa
  25. Zaxby'ego

For more information on restaurants that accept EBT, you can watch this video from ABC Arizona affiliate ABC15.

How to find restaurants that accept EBT

Finding a restaurant that accepts EBT is not difficult these days. All you have to do islook for a sign that says “Participating Restaurant: SNAP Restaurant Dining Program” with the “Knife and Fork” logo on the door or window.

However, some fast food restaurant vendors will have a sign saying “Welcome EBT” or something similar as seen in the image of the Pizza Hut sign below.

How to use your EBT CARD to buy food

In order to use the EBT card to buy food at a restaurant, they will either have to swipe it or swipe it through a vending machine at the point of sale, similar to what is currently used in a supermarket.

Electronic Benefit Transfer FAQ

People often ask questions about EBT. Below are some questions and answers

How do I find out what the restaurant dining program eligibility criteria are?

The criteria are exorbitantly high. The restaurant's dining program prioritizes the underprivileged, the elderly and the disabled. Contact your local Department of Social Services office for more information.

What qualifications are needed to have an EBT card?

Some criteria are necessary; not everyone can qualify for a card. To qualify, your income will be compared against the federal poverty level. However, people with disabilities and less privileged people are more often considered.

What is the purpose of the Restaurant Dining Program?

As stated by the US Department of Agriculture,

(O) The Restaurant Meal Scheme has been an option for states - state governed, state contracted and state administered - since the Food Stamp Act of 1977. The decision to establish a restaurant meal program is taken entirely at the state level. .

More importantly, the ONLY people who qualify are the elderly, people with disabilities and the homeless, as this provision is intended to help those who are unable to prepare meals at home or in a traditional kitchen.

Only a few states have decided to establish a restaurant meal program since 1977, so participation is very low.

Is EBT safe?

Yes, EBT is secure and your details are kept confidential.

Can the Food Stamp Program access my bank accounts?

Yes, in situations where you lie about your assets and funds to defraud the federal and state governments. Therefore, it is important that the information provided to the program is accurate.

How can I bring this program to my area?

If you want to see EBT-accepting fast food restaurants in your area, check with your local legislators!You can easily find elected officials at we said earlier, this option has been available to states since 1977, but it is very rarely used.

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To help you, we have prepared an example message below. You can copy and paste if you like - remember to change the names!

Dear [elected official],

The Federal Food Stamp Act gave states authority to implement a restaurant meal program in 1977. This initiative provides meals to vulnerable and at-risk groups, such as the homeless and elderly, who are unable to feed themselves. alone. These eligible individuals can use their meal benefits to purchase inexpensive meals at participating restaurants such as Subway.

Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan and Rhode Island have successfully implemented this program. However, it is not yet available in our country.

We kindly request you to introduce the Restaurant Meals Program to our state.

Yours sincerely,
[Your name]

What is Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT)?

The Families First Crown Response Act launched P-EBT as one of the US government's buffers during the Covid-19 outbreak.

P-EBT offers almost the same benefits as EBT for children who would likely benefit from free or subsidized school meals were it not for the closure of schools due to Covid-19. These families qualify for P-EBT benefits.

For many families, P-EBT benefits have been transferred to SNAP cards. As a result, companies will not be able to distinguish between P-EBT and SNAP benefits.

P-EBT benefits have been carried over to new cards that don't look like SNAP cards but work the same for some families. Families receiving P-EBT benefits must be treated equally by retailers.

Is EBT the same as a credit card?

An EBT card, also known as an electronic benefit transfer card, is a magnetic stripe card used to pay benefits for programs such as the Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP) and Cash Assistance. EBT cards work similarly to debit cards in that recipients receive a monthly allowance based on income and family size, and the balance decreases with each purchase.

What are EBT cash benefits?

Each month, a fixed amount of money is deposited on the recipient's cards, depending on their income and family size; however, this money can only be spent on specific program-based purposes. For example, SNAP payments only cover family groceries. Excludes alcohol, cigarettes, pills and multivitamins.

How to use the EBT card?

  • Pass the card.
  • Enter the PIN into the electronic device at checkout.
  • You are the only person who must enter your PIN.
  • Check and retain all your EBT purchase receipts.

Can you withdraw money from an EBT card?

SNAP benefits are available for purchases only and cannot be used to withdraw cash.

Does Amazon accept EBT?

Amazon accepts SNAP EBT in all US states except Alaska.

Will I be able to buy hot or ready-to-eat food?

No, you cannot use SNAP benefits to purchase pre-cooked or hot meals.


EBT can only be used at fast food establishments in states with restaurant meal programs. People who will participate in the EBT include the elderly, the homeless, the disabled and beneficiaries of the Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program.

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Very few fast food restaurants accept EBT as comfort food. Many fast food restaurants currently do not offer EBT groceries.

The restaurants listed above will sell groceries if you have an EBT card.

Now you've seen this vital information.Don't forget to share normally.


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