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The Many Asses of Dr Mephesto is a main quest and part of the South Park: The Fractured But Whole walkthrough.

To get started, head to Dr. Mephestus. After a short cutscene, it looks like you can't enter the lab. However, wait a moment and Morgan Freeman will appear. He will grant you a new fart. Use this to switch from day to night. As you head into the lab, loot the three bags to the left and right of the path. Once inside, follow Dr. Mephesto to see the tour.


After the cutscene, you're faced with several cats with lots of butts.

These enemies deal a lot of damage, but more importantly, they deal massive amounts of bleed damage. Also, pay attention to containers filled with urine. They inflict a nasty effect in a criss-cross pattern when hit. Take down the first wave of cats to face more cat enemies. Focus on removing the biggest cats first. They have the potential to protect and increase the attack of your friends.

Finish off the second group to reveal a final wave. If you were saving your ult, now is the time to use it. Eliminate all cats with lots of butts to receive theclaw scarsdura.

After the next cutscene, head through the emergency exit on the right. First, loot the box here. Then use inspection mode to interact with the green slime on the ground. Use the Sandblaster to remove this toxic waste.

Then use Haywire to fry the circuit above. Now, use Timefart Pause to reach the battery. Take it out before the time expires. Then use Diabetic Rage to move the gas tank out of the way. Pull the battery to the other side. Use Timefart Rewind to move the gas tank out of the way. Place the battery in its socket to continue. Before continuing, go forward and climb the ladder in the tank to reach the backpack containing acheese pot. Go through the door to find the mutant sixth graders.

In this area full of mutated sixth grade students, a battle is inevitable. You can lure them out by using Butters' Combat Buddy ability to cut the wires above the room next to you. Time Fart Pause and press the button to distract the 6th grade titties. Take another break and hit the button in the room on the left to open another screen with boobs. Now hit the sixth grade gorilla on the far left to start the fight.

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This is a very difficult fight, but if you follow the steps above, some of the enemies will be destroyed, causing damage to the Giant Mutant 6th graders. The 5 Assed Apes have large health pools and hard hitting attacks. While many 6th grade pigs do massive damage upon dying. If possible, kill them when they are near your friends, not near you. Big AOE attacks will be very useful here.

With so many heavy enemies, you'll need to deal a lot of damage quickly. Also, be sure to use the electricity poles on the outer edge. Use knockback abilities to launch arrows at enemies. Kill these 6th graders to receive theSphincterPlexartifact and thegorilla resistanceADN.

Before continuing through the door, be sure to loot the biowaste can behind the glass to find theplasma analyzerartifact. Then, in the next room, you'll face Mitch Connor. Take a selfie to record your evidence. Then go through the door on the left. First, use the Sandblaster to remove the green goo. So, before using your next partner's powers, loot the box to find theNuclearsuit. Then use Snap N Pops to expose the strands above. Use Haywire to hack. Then use Fartkour to get to the other side. Go down the ramp on the left and loot the box before Fartkouring again. Get the box here before using Diabetic Rage to rip open the sealed door. Go down this ladder.

In the next room, you'll face more Ass Mutants.


This fight is with less powerful enemies than the previous one, but with a twist. The crates on the ground will telegraph before the Ass Mutants below jump in and deal 100 damage. Make sure you get all your characters off the red tiles before time runs out.

Most of the time the mutants will end up on a red tile, make sure you let the timer run out if all your characters are safe. Kill these mutants to receive thedeparted relicartifact and theraging hormonesADN.

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Continue into the next room to face a dire choice. Here, you have to sacrifice your mother or father for the DNA scan needed to access the elevator. Either option is unfortunate. Neither option is good. Make your choice. Then put the necessary DNA in the scanner and go down the elevator.

In this hallway, loot the bag to find aUltimate Antidoteit is aMaximum Revive Serum. Before continuing, you have the option to continue adding donkeys to the sixth grader in the test chamber. Go next door to enter a cutscene and face Mutant Alternate Human Kite.

At first it looks like this fight will be impossible. The boss's large amount of health and the strength of his attacks. It hardly looks like you're making a dent. Eventually though, you can use your Timefart to change the time of day. Your attacks will now deal much more damage. However, this period operates on a timer indicated at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you do your spins very quickly to deal as much damage as possible before time runs out.

Without a doubt, this fight is still very tough. You'll want to spread out your team as much as possible. The boss can attack an entire column at once. It must extend in length and depth. Also, try to stay on the other side of the boss to isolate his AOE attacks. If you're having trouble, make sure you bring lots of Revives and Heals. It can be a long battle. Always prioritize keeping the New Kid alive. You need Night and Day Timefart to keep debuffing the boss.

After finally draining the boss's health pool, perform the button prompts to finish him off for good. you will receive theconscious cystAs a reward.

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