RainSoft Water Softener: A Comprehensive Product Review (2023)

RainSoft Water Softener: A Comprehensive Product Review (1)

If you have hard water, which is mineral-filled water, you probably know the need to soften it by using awater softener. Hard water can leave a film on everything it touches, from the bathtub to the dishes to your skin. It can also cause discoloration. Sometimes hard water tastes bad or has a strange taste that is not pleasant.

Softened water is cleaner water. Impurities are removed to provide clear, good-tasting water. It leaves no residue or buildup and allows you to avoid problems with spots or film. However, to soften your water properly, you need a good water softening system.

We want to show you one of the options on the market. RainSoft has been in the business of helping people get fresh, clean, mineral-free water since the 1950s. This company offers a few different options and works to customize a solution for your home. Learn more about your options in a RainSoft water softener. Learn about the prices and the pros and cons too. Plus, see how RainSoft stacks up against its competitors to help you make the most informed decision.

Water Softeners Explained

Before we look at RainSoft's water softening systems, let's first learn a little about water softeners in general. This will help you understand how they work and what they can do for you. This is useful information when you are shopping because it allows you to enter the buying situation with some prior knowledge of what the system is supposed to do for you.

A water softener is necessary if you have hard water of any grade. well water evenbenefits of a fabric softener, but it is also necessary to soften some municipal water sources. Hard water is any water that contains minerals. These minerals enter the groundwater when running water erodes the rocks and metals in the soil, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. Without softening, it causes buildup in pipes and plumbing and anything the water comes in contact with. The softener removes the minerals and replaces them with sodium ions in a process called ion exchange. The water flows into the softener, an ion exchange occurs, the minerals are left behind, and the softened water runs down the pipes.

You should perform routine maintenance on your water softener to make sure it works. In order for the ion exchange to take place, you must add salt made specifically for the water softener into the system's holding tank, called the brine tank. The softener is drawn from the brine tank as needed to soften the water.

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Softening water can extend the life of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, or help prevent breakage in refrigerators with water dispensers. It keeps your pipes flowing better, improves the taste of your water, and improves the life of your pipes. Helps make soap removal easier and reduces soap scum and leaves skin and hair cleaner. It can brighten clothes and prevent yellowing or staining from water deposits, as well as build up on glassware, cutlery and other items. Makes cleaning sinks, bathtubs and toilets easy. You also need less laundry soap, as hard water can reduce suds and make cleaning more difficult.

RainSoft Water Softener Specifications and Details

RainSoft has been manufacturing water softeners since 1953. The company offers comprehensive water filtration systems. Water softeners are the first step in making your water cleaner. RainSoft calls these water conditioning systems. The company offers four options for water conditioning systems.

The EC5 series is fully configurable and computer controlled. It has real-time status notifications for low salt, power loss, power restored,filter change and serviceand other reminders. They are displayed on the system screen, but you can also get them from the RainSoft Remind application.

The system has a microprocessor controller to manage the systems, including regeneration. It has a self-cleaning control valve and a 75-in-pound, self-lubricating motor. The DC power supply uses less power and the system has fewer moving parts for greater durability and less maintenance. The brine valve system works to prevent overflows. In addition, the system features a fail-safe tank-within-a-tank and built-in battery backup to prevent data loss in a power outage.

The EC4 series also has multiple configurations to meet your specific needs. It has a microprocessor controller with super fast action intelligent functions. It regenerates as needed on its own while removing calcium and magnesium. It has a self-cleaning check valve and has high flow rates for a good water supply without loss of pressure. It also features a 75 inch-pound self-lubricating drive motor.

The system is energy efficient thanks to the 24 volt low voltage electrical system. The brine valve float system stops overflow problems and also has a fail-safe tank-within-a-tank with built-in battery backup in the event of a power loss.

EC4-CAB is very easy to use. This system can handle iron removal. It features EC4 technology with smart features that make it easy to use. It has a touch of a button to wake up and turn on the screen. The display provides messages and instructions to make it easy to see what is happening with the system. It also features automatic recovery after a power outage that keeps the regeneration cycles going.

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The system has three different alarm tones, so you know what's going on. There is alarm for low salt level, low salt level and service. The two-line LCD display is large and easy to read. The information center provides all the information you need, including usage profile, water quality, support data, and system data, making troubleshooting easy.

The systems have a proportional brine function to save salt and a shorter regeneration cycle, tailored to your home's water use. It also automatically adjusts for daylight saving time and can keep time for up to a week during a power outage. Program settings are retained forever with no need to reprogram once programmed.

External drives come with a plastic casing for durability. The system has overfill protection in the brine tank. You can use salt or potassium chloride for the operation.

The TC series also has multiple configuration options. It has an easy-to-set electronic timer and removes calcium and magnesium. The self-cleaning control valve makes it highly functional. It also has a high flow rate for consistent water flow and no pressure loss. The 75 inch-pound self-lubricating motor is built to last. It is an energy efficient system with a 24 volt low voltage electrical system. Fail-safe features help prevent overfills, allow continued operation during power outages, and feature a tank-within-tank construction.

All RainSoft systems are designed for different situations. RainSoft dealers can help you determine which is best for your water situation. All systems have a limited lifetime warranty.


The only way to get an exact price for a RainSoft water softener is to talk to a representative and get a quote. RainSoft does not advertise prices on its website or in the retailers where the products are sold, as each unit can be customized, which will affect the price. You should contact a sales representative for a consultation to see what your needs are and build the system that will work for you. This requires home testing and a sales pitch to get pricing.

However, there were prices revealed by consumers. In 2010, the price of the EC4 system seemed to be around $2,750. It appears there was a price increase because in 2018 the reported price was $4888. Again, the only way to get an exact price is to get an internal inquiry.

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Price comparison is the process of looking at somedifferent optionsto see which one you like best. By comparing products, you can get a better idea of ​​what each one offers and see which one best suits your needs. It helps to have a general idea of ​​quality and function so you can make the most informed decision when buying.

Comparison of prices, while useful, can be very time consuming. That's why we've done all the legwork for you. We've pitted RainSoft water softening systems against the top three competitors to provide a good overview of each option. You can easily compare the reviews we give and learn more about each option.

comparison table


Easy to use


produce quality


RainSoft Water Softener: A Comprehensive Product Review (2)


RainSoft Water Softener: A Comprehensive Product Review (3)

Água Culligan

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[amazon link=”B075DH6ZPZ” title=”​Pelican Water Systems” /]

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RainSoft Water Softener: A Comprehensive Product Review (4)



RainSoft Water Softener: A Comprehensive Product Review (5)

RainSoft makes a very solid product that does what it claims to do. With a RainSoft water softener, you get easy-to-use computerized systems and low-maintenance softeners and self-lubricating motors. There is also the app that you can download to monitor your system hands-free. Plus, all systems come with an excellent limited lifetime warranty.

  • Easy to use
  • performance
  • produce quality

Água Culligan

RainSoft Water Softener: A Comprehensive Product Review (6)

The actual cost of a Culligan system is unclear because you need to get a consultation and quote, just like RainSoft. However, Culligan is a respected name in the industry. Fabric softeners help filter out calcium and lime. They can be customized according to needs and budget. The company claims to have the most energy efficient water softener on the market. The systems feature proportional brine, which helps reduce salt use. It also has other special features like Aqua-Sensor technology that adjusts to water conditions and saves money and water. The smart brine tank monitors the amount of salt and informs you of the remaining salt levels. A Soft-Minder meter reports daily water usage and provides access to advanced system diagnostics. The Dial-a-Softness valve allows you to customize the feel of your water.

  • Easy to use
  • performance
  • produce quality

[amazon link=”B075DH6ZPZ” title=”Pelican Water Systems” /]

[amazon box=”B075DH6ZPZ”]

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The Pelican Advantage series is the only one on the list with prices provided upfront. These systems are designed for one to three baths or four to six baths. They have high capacity resin tanks and are dosing systems that use salt or potash. They are highly customizable systems and the company claims they are virtually maintenance free. They offer a seven-year warranty on the electronic head.

  • Easy to use
  • performance
  • produce quality


RainSoft Water Softener: A Comprehensive Product Review (7)

Kinetico's Premier Series is advertised as efficient and effective. It is best for homes with difficult water situations. It has regeneration on demand and generous flows for the best pressure. These systems treat iron along with other hard water conditions, and some can remove chlorine. They are a two tank system. One to regenerate or put on standby while the other provides water. These systems work very well for homes with high water consumption. They have no timers or computers to adjust or fix, and they come with a 10-year warranty. Again, prices are offered through a quote only.

  • Easy to use
  • performance
  • produce quality

Pros and cons

It is important to weigh the good and the bad of a product before buying it. It can be helpful to get information directly from those who have purchased a system, so we've combed through the reviews to provide the following list.


  • friendly sales representatives
  • Fabric softeners work well removing impurities with a noticeable difference


  • Consultations last for hours, usually 3-4 hours.
  • Wasteful
  • Can be noisy if placed in an area where it is not stuffy
  • Installation can be troublesome, time consuming, and cause damage to the home.
  • Lack of tracking service, sometimes they do not respond to requests


RainSoft water systems get excellent performance ratings, but cost and less attentive follow-up service lower the rating. People have had some bad experiences with installation issues and someone's response after installing the system. However, people love how the systems do exactly what RainSoft offers. So if you want a stellar water softener that does an excellent job, this might be the best option, but make sure you're on top of all customer service interactions.

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