Start screaming or yelling (2023)


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Elise Corbin shows us things we may not have seen before.

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Start screaming or yelling (1)

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Pair chickens:misleading clues|today's topic

THURSDAY PUZZLE— You might be wondering: “Why is my crossword solved differently on this day than on other days? And why am I asking this now, when it's not even Easter yet?

Those are good questions, and the short answer is that today is Thursday. If you're cracking this riddle last night, just satisfy me. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing.

For the New York Times crossword solvers, Thursday is a wildcard day: the topic can be wildly inventive, or it can just be "harder" than Wednesday, as Will Shortz, the crossword editor. . Many solvers, myself among them, are anxious about tricky issues like bounces and posts that leave the page or take an unexpected turn. I see these twisted themes as a kind of palate cleanser. They relax my brain cells and prepare me for the vagaries of Friday's riddle.

Oh right, the puzzle. I thought Elise Corbin's theme was very clever, when I could find it. Maybe I need a more powerful telescope.

And now, a comment on the reactions to last Thursday's riddle:

I realize that some people are just not comfortable with topics that break the mold of how they think a crossword puzzle should work, and that's perfectly fine. No, really, it is.

Everyone can have an opinion, and the next part is important, well-written and politely expressed. But there's never any reason to respond poorly to someone who needs help understanding the topic or claims they don't like it. We are all at different stages of learning and it's hard to imagine someone being belligerent with a person they just don't get it.

Internet commentators have options: they can lash out and try to make other people feel as bad as they do; they can get their point across without being mean; or they can silently move in and say, "All types are needed."Here are more informationabout the types of commentary the New York Times allows on its website.

I know some people will agree with me when I say a topic is smart and others will disagree. He is well. But please: let's try not to attack each other or the builder. Remember that there are human beings behind these keyboards. Above all, this is a game, and games are supposed to be fun.

misleading clues

When a topic is this complicated, cross entries and their hints tend to be a little more gentle, so solvers have a better chance of success. So if the Across entries deceive you, take comfort in the Downs.

23A. This is one of those "Start To" tracks where it feels like we have to take the phrase as a verb. The track "Start Screaming or Screaming?" are looking for thestartof the words “scream” or “shout”, and the answer is the letter S (phonetically written as ESS).

46A. If you're not on Reddit: "Ask me any", or AMA, is a popular online forum. Most often this is a question and answer session between a celebrity or prominent person and Reddit users.

51A. Today I learned (TIL) that there is a form of chalcedony calledSARDthis looks a lot like carnelian to me.

56A. This one nearly tripped me, until I remembered the rule about "partner" lanes. The answer to this type of clue is a word that is normally associated with another word, separated by the word "and". In today's puzzle, "the counterpart of error" is TEST, as in "trial and error".

70A. Clues like "[Ignore this edit]" suggest words or phrases that would be synonymous with what's inside the brackets. If the editors change something but later change their mind, they can write the word STET in the manuscript.

7D. I wrote in "eel" before AHI as an "offer on a sushi menu".

11D. The word "facilities" is slang for bathroom, and the English slang is LOO.

today's topic

The topic of Mrs. Corbin is one of those who makes me feel like I should first talk about it and then explain it.

The developer at 27D is PHYSICS, the "Science dealing with the phenomenon explained by the 10 missing letters in this puzzle". The 10 missing letters, when read from top to bottom, form DARK MATTER.

Now where exactly are these letters? They are not really absent. They exist, but most of them are inside the black (or dark) squares, and some of them are outside the grid on the left side.

For example, the D in DREAD in 1A is just to the left of the off-grid entry. You have to admit that DREAD makes a lot more sense as an answer to the "Feeling in the pit of my stomach" clue than READ, which is the word the solver should write.

Likewise, the A in CORRIDORS in 9A is below the black square between the entrance and 5A, which precedes it. It was here that I realized what was going on. I knew that ISLES was not the correct spelling for the answer to "marriage clues". I needed an A, and Mrs. Corbin provided it, even if it was hard to see.

I was initially taken aback by the letters on the left after solving the reveal, because if you're talking about DARK MATTER, why put three of the missing letters outside the grid? Is it dark there too?

Turns out I was overthinking things. Sometimes a missing letter is just a missing letter. But I still feel like this topic could have been really elevated if the missing letters were all under black squares.

Spoiler alert: if you want to see an answer key with the missing letters highlighted,XWord Info kindly provided a.

builder's notes

My first version of this topic was not physics related; it was actually a Marvel-themed puzzle, playing on the idea of ​​the snap at the end of "Infinity War" when half the population of the universe disappears.

My thread entries were all sentences with "snap" but the word "snap" was missing and there was a black square where each "snap" should have been. I ended up shelving it, neither the theme nor the filler was particularly strong, but I came back to the missing lyric idea after thinking of DARK MATTER as a possible theme.

I like to do puzzles to illustrate interesting concepts, both in the scientific world and beyond, so I really wanted to capture the idea of ​​an invisible, hypothetical substance in this puzzle, rather than just playing around with the words "dark matter" from some way . It took me a few tries to get the padding efficient enough, but for the most part, the final theme was exactly how I had envisioned it.

I hope you enjoyed the puzzle, and if you weren't already familiar with the concept, I hope it was a fun "TIL" (Today I Learned) moment for you!

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The turning point

I'm almost done solving it, but I need achunkMore help? We are protecting you.

Spoiler alert:Subscribers can take a look at the answer key.

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How do you respond to screaming? ›

Below are the steps you should use to handle and hopefully diffuse a yeller.
  1. Stay calm and don't feed into their anger. ...
  2. Take a mental step back to assess the situation. ...
  3. Do not agree with the yeller to diffuse them, as it encourages future yelling. ...
  4. Calmly address the yelling. ...
  5. Ask for a break from this person.
Jul 6, 2018

Is yelling and screaming normal in a relationship? ›

Is yelling and screaming normal in a relationship? Yelling in relationships is not abnormal. Married partners are bound to become frustrated at one point or another, and, occasionally, they may raise their voices. People yelling at each other is often the result of a poor communication choice.

What does constant yelling do to a person? ›

Being frequently yelled at changes the mind, brain and body in a multitude of ways including increasing the activity of the amygdala (the emotional brain), increasing stress hormones in the blood stream, increasing muscular tension and more.

How do I stop yelling in an argument? ›

Another way to stop yelling during an argument is to learn how to breathe. If you're already fired up, you'll need to learn to calm down your sympathetic nervous system. “Taking a few deep intentional breaths and focusing on the present moment will be a game-changer because it will help to slow things down,” May says.

What can I say instead of yelling? ›

Synonyms of yell
  • scream.
  • shriek.
  • squeal.
  • cry.
  • screech.
  • howl.
  • shrill.
  • yelp.

Is yelling toxic in a relationship? ›

Yelling can be a part of a healthy relationship; it only becomes a problem when it's tied in with criticism, defensiveness, and contempt. The goal of conflict discussion, which may or may not include yelling, should be to understand each other's positions and try to find some common ground.

What is unacceptable behavior in a relationship? ›

Behaviors such as disrespecting, cursing, name-calling, and anything else that makes the other person feel bad about themselves reflect contemptuous intentions. Contempt from the person with whom you are supposed to feel secure and protected could put the future of your marriage in doubt.

Is yelling a form of trauma? ›

Can you be traumatized by yelling? Yes, over time, verbal abuse can be traumatizing for children and adults alike. To protect yourself from the psychological harm of being yelled at, talk with a trusted healthcare provider, social worker, or teacher about how to address the situation.

Is constant screaming abuse? ›

Signs of Verbal Abuse

This can include overt verbal abuse such as yelling, screaming, or swearing. Such behaviors are attempts to gain power, and the goal is to control and intimidate you into submission. As a result, it is abusive and should not be tolerated or excused.

What mental illness makes you scream? ›

Klazomania (from the Greek κλάζω ("klazo")—to scream) refers to compulsive shouting; it has features resembling the complex tics such as echolalia, palilalia and coprolalia seen in tic disorders, but has been seen in people with encephalitis lethargica, alcohol use disorder, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Does yelling help with anxiety? ›

One psychiatrist also noted that screaming can release positive chemicals in your brain, saying: “Yelling might trigger some endorphins, a natural high. [You] might feel calm, and it might even be a little addictive. It's really similar to a runner's high.

How do you discipline without yelling? ›

Offer Warnings When Appropriate

Instead of yelling, give your child a warning when they don't listen. If you use a "when...then" phrase, it lets them know about the possible outcome once they follow through. Say something like, "When you pick up your toys, then you will be able to play with blocks after dinner."

How can I control my anger and stop yelling? ›

Alternatives to raising your voice
  1. Give yourself a timeout. Catch yourself before getting so angry that you lose control and raise your voice. ...
  2. Talk about emotions. Anger is a normal feeling one can learn from if managed properly. ...
  3. Address bad behavior calmly, but firmly. ...
  4. Use consequences, but leave out the threats.
Mar 23, 2016

What is yelling in psychology? ›

Yelling frequently occurs when an individual is excited, delighted, surprised, or in pain. Yelling may be inspired by a personal victory or loss. It may transpire when we are lacking in confidence, self-control, or certainty. We yell through a loud or abrasive screech, cry, warning, threat or as an expressive desire.

How do you express shouting in text? ›

An exclamation mark usually shows strong feeling, such as surprise, anger or joy. Using an exclamation mark when writing is rather like shouting or raising your voice when speaking.

How do you express screaming in dialogue? ›

You can write a scream by simply writing in the action line (Character name) SCREAMS. For example, “Meg runs through the door with the birthday cake. Johnathan SCREAMS.”

How do you deal with a screaming boss? ›

The following tactics can help you deal with a boss who sometimes can't.
  1. Resist the urge to fight fire with fire. The absolute first thing you must do when confronted with a boss yelling at you is… ...
  2. Understand the root cause. ...
  3. Try talking it out (gulp) ...
  4. Take your issue up the ladder. ...
  5. …or simply jump ship.


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