Which under-sink water filter is easiest to install? | geek water filter (2023)

Under the sink water filters can be tricky to install, but which one is the easiest?

Once you taste the difference in the taste of water that's gone through a filter, you can never go back to the life of unfiltered water. Now you probably want to install a water filter under the sink.

Luckily I can tell you that there are some that are easier than others.

Which undersink water filter is the easiest to install? The easiest water filters to install are Aquasana Claryum Under Sink Direct Connect, Crystal Quest SMART Disposable Under Sink Water Filtration System, and Pelican Water EZ-Connect Compact Water Filtration System.

Luckily, these options come from great companies that sell some of the best water filters on the market.

By opting for an easier-to-install option, you can achieve exactly what you were originally looking for: drinking deliciously filtered water that comes from a water filtration system installed just below your sink.

Which under-sink water filter is easiest to install? | geek water filter (1)

Let's take a closer look.

The 3 easiest water filters to install under the sink

Whether it's your first time installing an under sink water filter or you're a seasoned veteran of this game, you may be wondering what options you have for an easier installation process.

And while there are many options, from complex and advanced models to simple and easy, finding one that can be installed without having to contact a professional can be a real gift.

With that in mind, the top 3 easiest to install undercounter water filters come from three reputable companies: Aquasana, Crystal Quest, and Pelican Water. Each of these companies prides itself on their unique ability to provide filtered water through different types of technologies and processes.

Luckily, this results in quality water filtration that ranks first in this market and is sure to simplify your installation project.

So without further ado, let's take a closer look at why these three easy-to-install water filters make the top of the list.

Aquasana Claryum under the Direct Connect sink

IsAquasana Claryum under the Direct Connect sinkmakes the short list for the easiest water filter to install. It brings many advantages: easy installation as just one of them. You will surely be satisfied with this option for many reasons.

But firstly, this filter is so easy to install because it just plugs into your existing faucet - easy as pie.

While most water filters on the market require installationMultiple parts and components to ensure constant water flow., this device can be easily connected to your existing faucet, filtering all the water that flows through it.

This can save you a lot of time and effort during setup and get you straight to the point of drinking your water the way you want it.

Next, Aquasana uses a patented technology called Claryum (which is where the name of this water filter comes from). There are a few different components to this technology that are quite impressive.

One of these components involves the use of acatalytic carbonto filter out chlorine and chloramines that could affect your water.

If you've ever tasted, brewed, or drunk coffee that contained too much chlorine or chloramine, you know what a difference removing it can make.

Another component of this patented technology is the use of filters to return the good minerals to the water in an amount suitable for drinking and consumption. Some of these include magnesium, calcium, potassium and more.

This is done through ion exchange and submicron filtration of lead, mercury and other heavy metals.

However, since you know you want to get the best benefits from consuming filtered water, another part of the filtration process adds the good minerals rather than removing them from the water entirely.

Interestingly, while good minerals are added, you can rest assured that no chemicals are added to the water to purify it.

Which under-sink water filter is easiest to install? | geek water filter (2)

Another benefit of this easy to install water filter is that it removes 99% of toxins including lead, mercury and 77 other pollutants. In terms of longevity, it will save you over 6,250 bottles of water over its lifetime.

So you can be sure that you are getting enough filtered water, help the environment by reducing plastic waste from bottled water and also save on your budget in this area.

Using a water filtration system not only helps the environment initially, but this company takes their environmental awareness efforts one step further. The filter itself has few parts to ensure easy installation and reduce plastic waste when you need to change the filter.

look at thatSimple and effective Aquasana product here.

Crystal Quest SMART disposable under sink water filtration system

Another impressive water filtration option that's easy to install is the Crystal Quest SMART disposable undercounter water filtration system. There are so many amazing benefits to this option, and the ease of installation is certainly another selling point.

However, this filter convinces with its easy installation.

With this device you need to install a water tap and connection pipes, but as you can see on theManual, this is not a very complicated operation on this model. And considering how compact this option is, you can maneuver it under your sink with relative ease.

Just remember that you need to install an air gap or 3-way stopcock to prevent pressure build-up. For example, if you have hard copper pipe, you will need to install a poppet valve.

Or, if you have flexible pipe under the sink, then use a T-valve. Although this is more involved than installing the filter directly onto your existing faucet, the process is still simple and this water filtration system is known for being fairly easy to install.

Next, this under-sink water filtration system lasts up to 1-3 years (some users report even longer usage).

Of course, this depends on the product model you want to buy as it comes in a few different options. For example, you can purchase this product with a 10,000, 20,000, or 30,000 gallon limit, giving you endless possibilities for your water filtration needs.

Additionally, this water filter uses a 6-stage filtration system that is sure to remove the less desirable components that would otherwise be found in your water filter. If you take a closer look, you'll find that this is pretty impressive.

First, the water filtration system begins by removing sediment through a filter pad.

Below is the use of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) from coconut shells to further remove common contaminants. Then, in the third stage, this filter performs heavy metal reduction through ion exchange (a process widely used in water filtration systems).

After that, any chlorine or chloramine in the water will oxidize and no longer be a problem.

Finally, another filter pad (1 micron) is used to remove any sediment remaining in the water.

With this filter system you are guaranteed clean water for drinking and other forms of consumption.


Pelican Water EZ-Connect Compact water filtration system

Last but not least, the Pelican Water EZ-Connect Compact Water Filtration System comes to meet all of your water filtration needs without a complicated installation process. I mean, come on, the product title even has "EZ-Connect" to refer to one of its more desirable features.

With easy installation, the design of this filter system uses a single channel design.

Because it's preformed and has a single channel, you can enjoy easy installation instead of having to maneuver multiple channels through the bottom of everything you've stored under your sink.

This under sink water filter installs using a similar method to the Crystal Quest model before you consider that you will need to hook it up with either a tee valve or a poppet valve depending on the type of plumbing you have under your sink.

However, since you don't have to navigate multiple ducts or pipes, you can more easily mount this filter under your sink without having to move a lot of your other content under the sink.

In addition to easy installation, you'll find that this model comes in a 10" chlor or 20" chloramine option. While both pass 10,000 gallons of water, the larger system can more easily handle a faster flow rate, more chemical filtration, and less pressure drop between filter changes.

Whichever model you choose should be good for the amount of water it can pass, but the higher capacity option will certainly be a bit more powerful.

Fortunately, this water filtration system is not only easy to connect, but it also has an impressive filtration system. Specifically, it uses a 5 micron sediment reduction to remove all sediment and particles that you don't want in your drinking water.

Finding coffee beans in your coffee is one thing, but finding sediment in your water is another.

Additionally, this filtration system filters out 99% of chlorine and chloramines, although it is not rated for use with some other contaminants. Therefore, be sure to check the product description to ensure that it is effective for its intended purpose.

A major benefit of this water filtration system is that it uses a transparent housing on the outside of the filters so you can see the difference between raw and unfiltered water.

Not only will you be sure that the filter works, but you can see how well it works. Now you can install this device and enjoy a glass of fresh and delicious crystal clear water.


What is the easiest water filter to use? ›

If you're looking for an easy-to-use, large, and long-lasting water filter that can provide clean water for a group, the Big Berkey Gravity Fed Water filter is a great option—and our top choice. This filter is first and foremost easy to use, relying on gravity rather than electricity or pumps.

How do I choose an under sink water filter? ›

How To Choose An Under Sink Water Filtration System
  1. Type. There are many options for under-sink water filters. ...
  2. Capacity And Size. The amount of water filtered required for a household will determine the size and type of water filter needed. ...
  3. Flow rate. ...
  4. Odor Removal. ...
  5. Installation.
Jan 3, 2022

Are all under sink water filters the same? ›

However, not all under-sink water filters work in exactly the same way. To address taste, odor or appearance issues as well as specific contaminants like heavy metals and lead, it's best to consider reverse osmosis under-sink systems.

What's the best water filter for your kitchen sink? ›

Some of our favorite under-sink water filters come from Waterdrop, Aqua Pure and Aquasana. The best under-sink filter for most homes is the Aquasana AQ-5300, which is ANSI/NSF-certified to eliminate 70-plus contaminants and features a sediment pre-filter.

Which is the No 1 water filter brand? ›

If you want an RO option, HUL is India's best water purifier brand. It features a TDS Regulator, Auto Shut Off function, 7-stage purification, an Activated carbon filter, and more, which makes it perfect for Indian water conditions.

What is the simplest type of filter? ›

Filter types
  • The gravity filter is the oldest and simplest type. ...
  • Pressure or vacuum filters usually are used in industry in preference to gravity filters. ...
  • The most common type of pressure filter with a filter cloth is known as the filter press. ...
  • Leaf filters are also used for pressure filtration on a batch basis.

What are the cons of under-sink water filter? ›

Cons. It's not cheap. An under-sink filter is definitely pricier (ours cost about $200) than a Brita pitcher; and while you need to replace the cartridge less frequently, they are more expensive than Brita replacement filters. It doesn't chill your water.

How do I choose the right filter? ›

Things to consider when choosing a filter:
  1. Filter size and model.
  2. Original vs. aftermarket.
  3. Home air quality.
  4. Specific breathing needs.
  5. Type of filter.
  6. Filter performance.
  7. Filter cost and replacement.

How do I know what water filter to buy? ›

How do I find the filter name or number? Filters are usually labeled with their name and part number, but you can also use our Fridge Filter Finder tool to order the right filter for your fridge. Also, your refrigerator model number should be printed on a label that's place in your fridge.

What is the longest lasting under-sink filter? ›

APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series

While most under-sink filters can last between six months and two years, this model boasts a whopping five-year lifespan. This filter is designed to purify up to 50,000 gallons of municipal water.

What are the pros and cons of under-sink filters? ›


Pros: Filters large amounts of water without cluttering up countertop, or attaching to existing tap. Less likely to clog than jug or tap-mounted filters. Cons: Takes up under-sink space and requires plumbing modification. Most expensive upfront cost option.

Are under the sink water filters worth it? ›

Under-sink water filters can deliver cleaner, better-tasting drinking water the old-fashioned way: from a spout. They're more effective at removing lead, chlorine, and other contaminants than popular refrigerator filters and water filter pitchers.

How long do under sink water filters last? ›

Filters used in commercial settings should be changed every 4 to 6 months. Filters in residential settings should be changed every 6 to 12 months. Reverse osmosis, membranes, and additional alkalisers only need to be changed ever 2 years or 4 years, respectively.

Is stainless steel water filter better? ›

In terms of the safety of purified water, plastic and stainless steel are the best options. While plastic tanks safely store purified water and prevent re-contamination, stainless steel offers some additional benefits, which we should know of.

Which water filter removes the most contaminants? ›

Reverse osmosis systems are some of the best options for your water. The Reverse osmosis system in the 4 stage design is a design that will help you remove the maximum number of contaminants from your water.

What is the most popular water filtration system? ›

The most popular systems include activated carbon, reverse osmosis, mixed media, and UV filters. However, most systems use a combination of these methods for optimal filtration.

Which filter company is the best? ›

5 Best Water Purifier Brands in India You Must Know About
  • TATA Swach Cristella. ...
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure. ...
  • Blue Star Cresto. ...
  • Livpure Zinger. ...
  • HUL Pureit.
Nov 4, 2022

What are the three most commonly used filters? ›

Three common types of membrane filtration are reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration. Reverse Osmosis. Different membrane filtration systems are used in different applications.

Which of the following filters is the most commonly? ›

7. Which of the following filters is the most commonly used? Explanation: Nitrocellulose filters are the most commonly used filters.

Which filter is best and why? ›

Reverse osmosis filters are top of the line for removing a large percentage of contaminants out of the water, potentially including dangerous waterborne bacteria. The filters work by pushing water through the reverse osmosis membrane using pressure.

Is a 2 inch filter better than a 1 inch? ›

1-Inch vs 2-Inch Furnace Filter

Again, if only the thickness is a consideration, then the 2-inch furnace filter is the winner. However, these two aren't drastically different in thickness.

Does the brand matter for water filter? ›

Does Brand Of Water Filter Matter? The brand of water filter matters to some extent as you need to choose a brand that fits your brand of fridge. Many people believe this means they need to buy OEM filters - which for the uninitiated, stands for 'original equipment manufacturer'.

How much does a good water filter cost? ›

System Type

On the less expensive side, carbon filters cost between $50 and $500, and ultraviolet light units cost between $200 and $1,000. On the more expensive side, the average cost of a whole-house water filtration system like well-water filters and reverse osmosis units can range from $250 to $4,000 and up.

Is a sink filter better than pitcher filter? ›

Faucet-mounted water filters eliminate many more contaminants than pitcher filters do, last longer between replacements, and give you filtered water from the sink on demand.

Are under sink water filters better than bottled water? ›

Filter water vs. bottled water. Although both filtered water and bottled water can provide healthier, better-tasting water, the cost-effectiveness and smaller environmental impact of filtered water beats out bottled water at every turn.

What is the difference between standard filter and long lasting filter? ›

The Longlast Filter not only lasts about six months* – three times longer than Standard Brita Filters – but is also certified to remove 99 percent of lead during the life of the filter. And Longlast fits the vast majority of Brita pitchers**, so people don't need to buy a new pitcher to start using Longlast.

What are the bad effects of filter water? ›

Negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms

Side effects at the very beginning of this condition include tiredness, weakness and headache; more severe symptoms are muscular cramps and impaired heart rate. Long-term consumption of acidic filtered water devoid of essential elements produced by RO filters is unhealthy.

What are the cons of carbon filter? ›

Disadvantages of Activated Carbon Filtration

Can't remove all contaminants: Activated carbon is highly effective at removing a set group of contaminants, but it can't be used to completely purify air and water.

What are the disadvantages of filters? ›

The main disadvantages of barrier-based filtration are: Replacement and disposal costs. When this type of filter becomes blocked by waste particles, it needs to be replaced. Over time this can be costly both in terms of purchasing replacement filters, as well as the downtime required to remove and replace used filters.

Can bacteria grow in water filters? ›

Water filters that you attach to your faucet are known to be good for filtering out heavy metals like lead and disinfectants like chlorine. But they're not designed to filter out bacteria that can grow in the filter itself.

Is under sink reverse osmosis worth it? ›

A RO filter under your sink is one of the most effective ways to remove contaminants from drinking water. This Reverse Osmosis Filter System works more efficiently than regular water filters, and it also enhances the taste and smell of your drinking water.

Why are some water filters so cheap? ›

Aftermarket filters are not made by refrigerator manufacturers. Rather, they are produced by separate companies and designed to mimic the original filters in fit and performance. These companies are able to make cheap refrigerator water filters because they sometimes use cheaper materials.

Why is my under sink water filter so slow? ›

The more you use the water filter, the more it gets clogged so the slower it will get. It's important to change the water filter cartridge at the recommended time.

Do water filters take away sink taste? ›

If your water tastes funky, try using a water filter for your sink to make your tap water taste better! Not only does it remove chlorine, fluorides, heavy metals and other toxins, it also adds minerals to the water and improves its smell and taste.

Are sink water filters safe? ›

The Truth about Your Countertop & Faucet Water Filters

Many people think that they are being fully protected by their basic 1-stage countertop and faucet filters. These simple carbon filtration systems do remove chlorine and some other contaminants but they also leave thousands of other harmful substances in the water.

What material is best for a water filter? ›

Activated carbon filters are most effective in removing organic contaminants from water (often responsible for taste, odour and colour problems).

Which filter material is best? ›

Sand and gravel make good water filters because they form permeable layers. When the sand particles are next to one another, there are tiny spaces between them. Water can pass slowly through these tiny spaces and some of the dirt particles get trapped.

Is stainless steel or glass better for water? ›

Stainless steel is better than glass for a water bottle when it comes to durability, insulation, and resistance to high impact. A stainless steel bottle can keep your water cold or hot for longer hours, while glass cannot. However, both of them can keep your drinks free from chemicals.

What are the best water filters that dont remove minerals? ›

Activated carbon and ceramic filters don't remove minerals from tap water. Thus, popular Brita filters or other carbon-based or ceramic filters all retain healthy minerals in your tap water, all the while removing dangerous contaminants.

Which water filter does not waste water? ›

KENT Zero Water Wastage Technology ensures that no water is wasted. The RO purifiers not only give you pure water but also ensure that rejected water is recirculated to the overhead tank with an internal pump resulting in Zero Water Wastage.

Is Pur filter better than Brita? ›

Brita surpasses Pur in overall water taste, filter lifespan, filter replacement cost, and pitcher options. However, the whole point of a water filter pitcher is to actually remove contaminants, and the Pur filters reduce and remove more chemicals from the water than the Brita pitchers do.

What is the simplest type of portable water filter? ›

Filter straws and bottles are among the simplest to use. They usually don't require any assembly; just stick the straw into water, or fill and sip from the bottle to start filtering. Devices like pumps, gravity filters, and UV filters can involve a little more work.

How can I filter water at home easily? ›

Here are the best ways to filter and purify tap water at home.
  1. Get a Water Filter Pitcher. ...
  2. Attach a Faucet-Mounted Filter. ...
  3. Swap for a Faucet with an Integrated Filter. ...
  4. Install a Separate Faucet for Drinking Water. ...
  5. Switch to a Refrigerator with a Water Filter. ...
  6. Invest in a Whole-House Filter System.
Nov 3, 2022

What is the easiest filter for fish tank? ›

Sponge filters are one of the most popular filters used in fish stores, fish rooms, and breeding tanks because they're so reliable and easy to use.

What type of water filter should I buy? ›

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective and widely accepted water filtration for both residential home and large water treatment plant. And can really make a difference in the catching contaminants in tap water.

Which type of water filter requires no installation? ›

The countertop RO water filter system requires no plumbing or installation and can be directly used after being powered on. Therefore, you can put the countertop water filtration system in a living room, a bedroom, an RV or other places wherever you want to go.

What are the 4 basic types of filters? ›

The four primary types of filters include the low-pass filter, the high-pass filter, the band-pass filter, and the notch filter (or the band-reject or band-stop filter).

What to look for when buying a water filter for your home? ›

When buying a water purifier for home, there are few things which need to be considered like water quality, water pressure, budget, storage capacity, maintenance, etc. There are a number of purifiers available in Indian market, such as RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), UF (Ultrafiltration). etc to choose from.

Is it cheaper to filter your own water? ›

No matter how you slice it, high-quality, filtered tap water will always cost less than expensive bottled water. Switching from bottled water to a water filtration system could save you hundreds of dollars a year or more.

Which is better faucet filter or pitcher filter? ›

Faucet-mounted water filters eliminate many more contaminants than pitcher filters do, last longer between replacements, and give you filtered water from the sink on demand.

What is the cheapest way to purify water at home? ›

Boiling water is the cheapest and safest method of water purification.

Are undergravel filters any good? ›

It is relatively inexpensive, reliable, and very effective. An undergravel filter is really just a plastic plate that covers the bottom of the aquarium. The plate has many small holes or slots in it.

What type of filter is most efficient? ›

Pleated: MERV 10-13

Made from cotton or polyester, pleated filters are one the most popular and efficient filter choices. Their effectiveness, however, varies upon pleats per foot. For a pleated filter to have an efficiency rating of 10 to 13, it should have at least 18 pleats per foot.


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